Monday, 23 January 2012

Hi back to Blogging

Not been on here since November time flys by so quickly, my little dog has been through the mill one way and another, she had to have a full hip replacement as her bones did not form properly am glad to say she is well on way to fitness, she had her operation eventually on 9th Dec.and here we are now 6 weeks later and she has had her first outing to the park on a long lead still not allowed to free run as yet but another couple weeks she will be there, I am posting a couple pics of her one when she had op .........another taken xmas I made her a santa hat and coat she didnt like the hat lol...I have made a few crafty projects and will be posting them over next few days,I changes my blog background and header so am testing this out first.....

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Jeannie said...

Poor little Molly - glad she is on the road to recovery. xxx